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Full Version: HP34c decimal point/comma interchange for display
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How do you change/alternate the comma/decimal point option on the display on HP34c - currently showing a comma as a decimal point between int/frac & a decimal point/dot as a 1000's separator on large integer display. I think it is a simple key stroke command sequence to interchange - anyone know what it is?



No key sequence but an internal jumper. Have a look at:


Best regards from V.

I've successfully done this on my own HP33C (which is similar).

However opening the case can be a bit nerve racking, as it can all go wrong if you are unlucky. If you haven't already seen it then I'd suggest you take a look at this guide to spice repairs.

That jumper isn't hard to spot, particularly as the picture in the thread referenced above is so clear, but be warned that it is quite a bit smaller than it looks, so you will need a fine point on a your soldering iron..! (Not really a job for an amateur plumber like myself).

Mike T.