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Full Version: What will replace the 25th anniversary HP 12cp?
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When all the 25th anniversary editions of the HP 12 cp are gone, any idea of what will replace it? Will it simply be a duplicate without the 25th anniversary markings or will it be something else?

I hope so (but have no insider knowledge). The color scheme of the 12cp25AE is much better than the original 12cp, IMO.

Maybe they could just change it to the "26th anniversary edition"? :-)

at this point in the game, why not make a 1x model? One that can be an 11, 12, 15 or 16, just by swapping the keytops? Or build it in to the rom, and let someone do the swap by cracking it open. I really can't imagine it would be "that" difficult.


Search the archives and you'll find explanations about why that would in fact be difficult.


According to an article in the HPCC Datafile,

hp had planned to replace the normal 12cp production
with the 12cp25AE for about six months,

after which they would switch back production to the 'normal' 12cp.

This way nearly everyone should be able to get one of the Anniversary units.

Since the announced time period is over, the normal 12cp should be in production again.

IMHO the 12cp25AE looks *much* better than the normal 12cp,

only the 'Special Anniversary Leather Case' is a waste of money.


I agree. The leather case looks like it belongs to a Nikon Coolpik digital camera!!!