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Full Version: Turbo switch on 48GX
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How do I permantly switch the HP48GX to Turbo?


There is no 'turbo' mode on a standard HP48GX as far as I am aware.

There is a modification that Cynox used to do to raise the clock frequency of the HP 48GX. I have one of these models. To activate it you need to hold the ON button in to turn it on- instead of just hitting it once. This puts the GX into TURBO mode.

Unfortunately, the clock also goes at double speed- so your time/date will not be accurate.

There are some tools- such as Metakernel- that speed up some of the functions of the HP48GX for a 'standard' HP 48GX.

I hope this helps.

There exists a software turbo for the HP-48G+ and GX,

the SpeedUI 7.03 Extreme Edition.

SpeedUI accelerates nearly every part of the user interface,

including CHOOSE boxes, input forms, the MatrixWriter,

and of course the stack and the cmdline/fullscreen editor.

I uploaded the current version (7.03) to www.hpcalc.org ,

but it can take a few days until the site will be updated.

So if you're interested, you could get SpeedUI from me directly.