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Full Version: OT sticky plastic
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I have a Sharp OZ-6500 that has been inside a plastic grocery bag with a half dozen TI's. It is now very sticky except for the hinge. Does anyone know a cure? I've tried plain water and then liquid hand soap to no avail. Private email is ok if you consider this inappropriate.


Some wax-based hair removal kits have a thin cylindrical vial of blue liquid--ask your wife for some. If you take a Q-tip with some of that liquid (I think it's a light oil) and gently rub away at the sticky goo followed by water on the other end of the Q-tip followed by a dry cloth you should be gooless.

My wife also suggests trying candle wax remover or medical bandage goo remover wipes. I have tried the medical bandage goo remover wipes and the blue liquid on gooey plastic with success.

I've used a product called "Goo Gone" on lots of sticky stuff, like tape residue, etc. It seems pretty gentle, but if you try it, you'll want to test it somehow. (I don't know that I've yet used it on a calculator.)

Good luck!

Anyone tried using such a product to lift the back labels on 65's and 67's?

I find lighter fluid to work very well on sticker/tape residue but this is a case of the plastic turning sticky. It seems like the textured plastic case has had a reaction but the slick portions like the hinge, catch and working faces are fine. When I returned to my work area I layed the Sharp on a paper towel and later it stuck to the towel. The plastic has just softened, it seems. I had the bag in a laptop case behind the seat of my truck while at work but it hasn't even been hot till the past week.

One of the plastics experts should chime in here.

I wonder whether you might harden it again by gently warming it in a well-ventilated space. If some volatile compound is at work, you might be able to "boil it off". (But I'm way out of my element, so do look for more informed advice!)

Sounds yucky -- good luck!

This is flexibilizer, used in a lot of plastic products (like plastic bags or plastic cases). I don't think there is a method to get rid of it again without damaging the plastics.