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Full Version: When/where will HHC 2007 be?
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I am trying to organize my travel planning for most of the rest of 2007, and am hoping that I can include this year's conference so I can meet many of the Forum's contributors.

Has a data and location been chosen for this? A check of the archives indicates September, but I couldn't find anything more specific.


San Diego, CA (HP's offices) on September 29 and 30 is my best guess so far. I plan to attend by my step-son is getting married on the 30th at 4pm, so I will have to catch a red-eye on Saturday night back to VA!!



Marry him off in SD!

You're guaranteed a boatload of interesting folks for the reception.

(I've got family down there -- maybe I'll make it . . .)

Edited: 14 Mar 2007, 5:40 p.m.

That was the hope, but as of today (3/14/07), the conference is not going to be held on HP's premises.

Richard Nelson should have the exact arrangements soon.



Ah ok. Somewhere else in SD? But same weekend, right?



Hi Gene --

I've sent Richard at least *three* e-mail messages since HHC 2006 was held, offering my assistance in any way, shape or form. Since I live here in San Diego, and have for 24 years, I might be able to help out. I also have a significant background in conference and event planning, so I'm somewhat edu-ma-cated. ;-) However, I've never heard back from Richard with any of my messages, so either he's been busy every time I've sent him a message, or he never got them. Either way, if you could pass along my offer to help, I'd appreciate it!



Sounds like you can really help!!!

I don't know if Richard visits this forum. I have not seen messages from him here (unless he is using an alias, like TI_Fan, to throw us off completely :-) )