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Full Version: hp50g surveying solutions
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Looking for hp50g land survey solutions, or instructions, comparable in simplicity to hp48 with cogo card. Curves, grades, triangles etc...

see precision DC50 at psslc com

I saw this on Ebay! Item no. 150101027312.
It's a COGO software and instructional download for $28.

But I don't have it myself...
And I don't know much about it...
But am curious.
If you do get this (or something like it) please let us know what you think!

Well if you are going to link. . . www.pssllc.com

Anyway, our software is set up for data collection. We've had one person from TDS cogo cards buy and and dislike the interface. The majority however, have been very pleased. If you want something changed/added, we always take feedback.

We also offer a 30 day money-back policy. We have full page ads in POB, American and Professional Surveyor. Check one of those out if you have one. The DC50 assistant (calc+software+free upgrades) runs at 495$. In the future you can upgrade to the full DC should you like. Also, on our page you can download the manual to see capabilities.

Another option is here: www.softwarebydzign.com

Ted's is good for desktop calcs. He does a few calculations we don't (mainly older layout type calcs) and uses a completely menu driven interface. We use a custom overlay, and mix direct keypresses, menus and graphics. Things we do that he lacks: GPS calcs, SPCs, real time plotting, autolinework, instrument communication, etc. (higher level stuff)

In other words, we are competing against TDS, Carlson, Topcon etc. . . not just providing something that took 2 days to make. Many of the "COGO" packages you'll find, with the exception of Ted's are quite worthless.

Now I'll stop since I feel like I'm advertising. . .don't want to advertise. Sorry if this has bothered anyone.

pw 1234


Edited: 13 Mar 2007, 2:52 a.m.

Don't feel bad about the "advertising" !
You provide a lot of good info.