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Full Version: dv6258SE base hot when using
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I need some help =- has anyone else had problems with the dv6258se notebook getting extremely hot on the base ( ram and hard drive areas ) when using on a lap pad or board on lap??

This isn't really the right forum, and I don't have that model (I've got a dv5210us), but basically all laptops/notebooks do that. A laptop typically uses 30-40W, and converts more than 95% of it to heat. By comparison, a heating pad uses about 8W and reaches 170-180 degress Farenheit. So naturally the laptop will get very hot, and won't be too comfortable on one's lap.

If the laptop has a fan, make sure the vents are not obstructed, as the forced air cooling will exhaust some of that heat into the room rather than your lap.

The probability that a laptop will get hot if insulated while running can be expressed as the integral:

P = | sqrt(1^(s!!!)) dx

Where s= the Processor speed in hertz. (undefined at s=0)

Richard P. Feynman spoke about this very issue in one of his later books. In brief, entropy is the way of the future.

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