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Full Version: Need Graphics Programming Help (50G)
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Fifteen years ago I was pretty adept at programming the 48SX. My, how time robs the memory. And it seems there are a few different commands with th 50G.

I am trying to create a program the clears the PICT (ERASE, I presume, or creating a blank 131x80 GROB and stored in PICT) then displays the graphic screen and runs through a loop displaying points (plotting a dynamical system using a 2x2 stochastic matrix).

Everything I try displays the graph AFTER it gets done plotting the points (or displays a blank graph and does nothing), but I want to see them plotted in real time. I know this is a simple matter and I did it 15 years ago, but it escapes me right now.



You mean like this?


Grab the advanced users reference for complete command listing and more detailed programming info.


Nope. That doesn't do it because I'm not graphing an equation, and without something stored in 'eq' it gives an error. All I need to do is activate the graphing window, and have my program provide the points to plot. I'll dig up my olde 48 manuals. Even the 800 page advanced manual for the 50G leaves out a lot of functions. I'll keep trying.

Nevermind. I figured it out. Instead of


which centers the PICT variable, but doesn't interactively show you PICT, one needs to use

ERASE { # 0d # 0d} PVIEW

which places PICT in the upper left corner (equivalent to centering it) but, more importantly, actually shows the points being plotted instead of waiting until the end. Strange quirk if you ask me.