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Full Version: 32sii sleepy keys
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Esteemed experts --

I have a 32sii that I decided yesterday to put up on eBay. I honestly just don't use it that much, deferring to other calcs, but it sat around for a long time before I got up the nerve to sell it. In checking it out, I notice that the far right *column* of keys is a bit sleepy. From top to bottom along that column, you have to push pretty hard to get a correct keypress register.

I don't remember doing anything to it or causing it any injury, and I don't remember the keys being sleepy like that. However, it is what it is. It checks out in self-test in every other way, and is in generally excellent condition other than this new issue.

My questions are:

1) Any ideas what might be causing this issue? Some keyboard strike pad that's out of alignment? Dust? Hair??

2) How easy is it to open a 32sii and potentially resolve this issue. If it's easy to open, I don't mind poking around and seeing what I can jiggle or resolve, but if it's going to require me to peel back parts and potentially ruin its otherwise great appearance, then I might want to avoid that.

The bottom line is that I am now thinking of selling it as-is, probably getting less than I had hoped, rather than botching it up and trying to fix it myself. On the other hand, if it's relatively easy work, I'd be happy to fix it and then sell it in better condition.

Comments or thoughts?