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Full Version: Porting 49G Programs to 49G+/50G
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Under what circumstances do 49G programs not run in the newer calculators?

I have located a lovely little library at HPCALC.org that performs the simplex algorithm that works well in the Power48 on my Palm using ROM Revision 1.19-6 but fails on my 49G+ using revision 2.09.

I really thought that the 49G+ and 50G were essentially the same calculator as the 49G and there should be fairly seamless cross-compatibility of programs. I really don't want to revert to an old ROM to use this program!

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If supported entries were used, they should work just fine.

The only things that tend to cause trouble is display size and SD access. Which library is it (link)?


I got it to work on a simpler and smaller program in the (limited) documentation.

Don't know why the first problem I tried failed.


Found it.

The data matrix needs to be in a certain form. I mistyped the example and the program rejected it. There is nothing wrong with the library. It runs just fine on the newer calc with the most recent ROM.


It seems to work fine on mine running through all the commands. Do you have a specific thing that fails, or do all of them? Perhaps it was transferred wrong?


Good to know.