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Full Version: A "Classic" Story of Redemption
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The key press issues in the top row in my otherwise very good quality HP45 were getting to me this AM, so I decided to bite the bullet, peel back the label corners, and open her up.

The innards were full of dust, which I blew away gently. I did only a dry cleaning (nothing wet for me!) and thought I would take the chance of wiggling a bit of thin plastic under the little metal arches that buckle in with a key press, in the off chance that dust and debris there were making 1/x, LN, and SHIFT so irregularly responsive.

On reassembly all the keys work perfectly.

I can't say I was as successful with the label peel--the corners are visibly creased and ragged, but a small bit of cosmetic compromise in return for a fully functioning 34 year old machine was sweet indeed, especially after my woeful cleaning fiasco with the HP45.

Ah, sweet redemption....


Edited: 18 Feb 2007, 4:50 p.m.