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Full Version: 9100A card reader service?
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Does the card reader in the 9100A have rubber rollers or the like that need to be replaced before I can use it? If so, has anyone documented the materials required and procedure?

I only have a few magnetic cards; if I try to use one without first doing some restoration work on the card reader, am I likely to damage the 9100A or the card?

The 9100 card reader uses a single rubber roller to push the card out of the reader after you inert it, the read/write happens during this push. Although it drives the card on the magnetically coated side, the roller is only 1/8" wide and the center of the roller is about 1/2" away from the center of the read/write head. Even if the roller turned to goo (mine hasn't) there would be little chance of the goo getting onto the head or onto the part of the card that stores the data.

It's easy to open up the top of the 9100 and the first thing you'll see is the drive roller, so check it out first if you are at all worried. Replacing or repairing it might be a little tricky if you want it to work as well as the original. The roller has a deliberate flat area on it to allow for easy insertion of the card.

Yes, the 9100 has a rubber roller, and yes it turns to goo.

As Katie said, the original roller had a flat on it, but it's possible to use a circular roller, it's just a little harder to push the cards in. I've repaired both my 9100Bs that way -- AFAIK the 9100B mechanism is identical to that in the A (although the PCB is different, I think).

My method for replacing it involves dismantling the reader, taking off the old roller (I made a special puller tool for this), then turning a new hub from 7/8" brass rod, pressing it in place in a vice (vise to you, I guess :-)), and fitting a 1" O/D O-ring.

I believe (if you can find a suitable adhesive), you can stick such an O-ring (the standard size is 1" O/D, 3/4" I/D and therefore 1/8" thick) onto the orignial metal hub. Worth a try if you don't have access to a machine shop :-)

About half the 9100's have bad rollers. Projector Recorder Belt Company sells a replacement roller that works very well. If I remember correctly, it is part number ST1.014. ST1.016 may also work, but it is a bit thinner. You can add the flat spot with a razor blade.