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Full Version: Rare HP67 calculator with transparent back ?????
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just check a couple of cm towards the lower area of your monitor :)

HP Demo version.


So, Namir, do you think it's worth the asking price?

I was wondering if I should bid (I proabably won't as it seems a little expensive, and I'm really saving up for an HP29C), however I did ask if the card reader worked but havn't had a response from the seller yet...

It would look nice on my desk though!

Mike T.

Hi Namir,

are you sure it's a demo version ? Wouldn't it rather be a pre-serial sample, made in a transparent plastic in order to see if everything is ok inside when the back cover is fitted ?

I'm not sure of that, it's just a supposition.


I was a plastics process engineer @ HP for this (and other) calculators when they were developed. The reason why the parts were made clear was to determine whether there were any interference fits. Also we did drop testing and having the parts clear allowed us to view any damage from the outside. Finally we also made the plastic parts clear because it looked cool :)