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Full Version: HP-65 without yellow labels for shifted functions
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What's the deal with this HP-65?

Funny thing is that the yellow labels doesn't seem to be worn or cleaned off...

It's a messed up HP65 in poor cosmetic condition in contrast to what the seller says. Possibly it was overcleaned with some solvent.

I have to agree. I know from bitter experience that those little labels can be cleanly wiped away very easily.

That said, if a resourceful user picked it up cheaply, spent a little more to restore it mechanically if possible, and created an overly from a photograph, he would have have a very serviceable working 65.


Yes, a friend of mine bought a calculator from him but it had been probably cleaned with solvant.
My conclusion is that these ebay HP sellers (should say HP $ predator) can find at low price old HP in bad condition and quickly do what they can to clean them in order to sell them in 'mint' condition with very high price.

Please don't make assumptions when you can ask to get more info. This hp 65 calculator is in exactly the same condition as I bought it. Nothing has been cleaned, FURTHER I do not clean ANY keyboards of ANY calculators with solvent. I am also a collector and I know full well what most solvents do to plastic materials.

Allen, in the right hands this could be a good fixer-upper. A proper repair job from FixThatCalc to get it working mechanically, and an overlay created from a good quality photo could transform this into a pretty useful workaday machine.

In the worst case it is usable for parts. A lot of Classics with dying LEDs could use a transplant out there!

I have learned after my fiasco with the HP80 that faded or lost lettering is not the end of the world--good quality paper, sharp scissors, and a laser or inkjet printer can create an overlay that is serviceable and, in my case, almost attractive!