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Full Version: Value of Forth Module for HP 71B
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I'd like to ask your help in finding out what would be a fair price for a HP Forth module for HP 71B. There are two on sale right now (no manuals, but with (unfortunately) copies of Dave's CD...) for a very high BIN or Best offer.

Any advice would be much appreciated.




Value is in the eyes of the beholder! What is FORTH worth to you from a nostalgic, hobby, and professional point of view. Perhaps it would be more fun to write your own FORTH for Windows.

The same is true for other modules of the 71B and other calculators. I paid a high value for the 71B Curve Fit, MATH, and AMPI Stat modules. I sold them on eBay for less than what I paid for them. I guess others did not "value" them as I did.



Forth module is special in the sense that it can't be copied in RAM, or duplicated in a standard EPROM module.


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Try Raven.

(unfortunately) copies of Dave's CD

The CD pictured in the listing you are referring is not a pirated copy, it was purchased from this HPmuseum website, along with a dozen others. Please see a similar thread here a few days ago regarding your question, it has already been asked and answered more than once.

I think everyone here has agreed that hudendai's prices are higher than average, but not unreasonable, and unlike other sellers, you actually get a good look at what you are buying. (FYI, most items are within 1 standard deviation of the item average over the trailing 30-60 days).

Warmest regards!!!

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That's pretty cool.

Thanks for the link!


Allen is doing a service to this community by puchasing and adding those CDs to his auctions. Not only does Dave get the revenue from the sales, but we get potential new members. And those that do join this community are likely to want to purchase the upgraded sets once they come out.


For me, it was worth $270.00 with a manual in nice shape.

I'm interested in hacking on some of the LEX files that are out there. The on board assembler is very slow, but convenient.