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Full Version: Casio FX-720P etc manuals somewhere?
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Anyone have a link to an english copy of a manual for one of these horizontal BASIC computers from Casio?


My german is almost as poor as my esperanto.



Maybe someone can write a German-to-English translator for the HP41CX or HP-71B??????



I have a 750P manual. Let me know if you're interested Gene.

Thanks, Steve.

But I already have a 730P manual, which is probably similar to the 750P too.

The 720P does not have a DIM statement in BASIC, which the 730p has, so I'm looking for the actual 720p manual to know what it actually has / can do.


How about learning a language as other people do, experiencing English manuals?

Sorry, just couldn't resist d8)

What you need is on page 98.
Arrays overlap with normal variables: A(0) = A, A(1)=B,...A(25) =Z.

The DEFM statement increases the number of variables:
DEFM 76 gives you 102 variables (A-Z+76)
Now you can use A and B as variables, and C(0) to C(99) as an array.

Just ask if there is anything unclear!

Edited: 9 Feb 2007, 3:17 a.m.

That's what I needed. I wanted to run the benchmark on the 720P, but it was giving an error on the array, then on the DIM statement, etc. Without a manual, that was about as far as I could get. :-)


This is the reason, why I REMed the DIM in line 20 of the Basic version. Also many Sharps have a predefined array overlapping the variables A-Z as same the Casio do.