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Full Version: Texas Instruments "Xpander" discovered
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To all:

You know probably the HP Xpander - are you aware of a similiar project by long time rival Texas Instruments?

This week I received a working Engineering Sample of the PLT SHH1 and PLT WS1, a PDA based graphing calculator featuring even a wireless LAN connecting in the 2.4GHz band!

FYI: This is not an early April fool - get the pictures of a completely disassembled calculator in the Datamath Calculator Museum:


Hallo Jörg,

Never heard or seen this elegant item before. Thanks for showing!

Best regards, Walter

Very cool. Would be an interesting story to find out why both manufacturers discarded this type of product, while Casio seems to be running off with it full steam ahead.


I would suspect that such a device would not be able to be used on an exam. Who would buy one if they couldn't use it on an exam, when a (wild guess) $100 cheaper TI-89 or HP-49g could?

That sorta kills the business case for the device.