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Full Version: HP41 XFunctions module
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Perhaps this is an embarrssing newbie question, but one of my recent acquisitions is the XF/XM module for my 41CV. (I haven't managed to damage it yet :) )

I know it duplicates many of the functions of the CX, so putting it in the CX is redundant. That said, is there any way to make the CX access the module's 124 XM registers in addition to those 124 already intrinsic to the calc?

I ask because in V41 from TOS, adding the XF/XM MOD file to an HP41CX configuration and then executing EMDIR indicates there are 362 registers, as though the file actually acts like an XM module.

I think the good emulator's behaviour deviates here from the true CX, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask.


Hi, Les --

The 82180A Extended Functions ("X Functions") module contains most, but not all, of the Extended Functions of the HP-41CX, plus the 124 registers of Extended Memory that are already built into the 41CX. The 41CX will not recognize an 82180A, so it cannot access the registers from the module.

All HP-41 models will accept and recognize up to two 82181A Extended Memory ("X Memory") modules, each with 238 registers of Extended Memory. Thus, up to 600 registers of Exended Memory can be utilized, for a -- um, "whopping" 4200 bytes.

-- KS

Thanks, I so thought, but I do reiterate that behaviour of a certain emulator is a bit different. In V41, if you add the XF module to a CX configuration, it seems that the extended CX functions that are not part of the XF module are no longer accessible--e.g., EMROOM--and the EMDIR command reports 362 registers of extended memory available. This of course doesn't happen in a real CX. I don't know if this behaviour is intentional on Warren's part or a bug. If he doesn't see this post first I will write and ask him.

Of course this is all moot anyway--the XF module functionality was superseded by the CX.

I have compared catalogs and the overlap is substantial but not entire. The XF/XM module confers most of the CX functionality to my CV, but not all.

As for the whopping memory, I like the idea of have a few spare registers to move a prog. into if I get into size issues, but as a contented owner of a fine plasmoid rebuilt card reader, I store pretty well everything. And I back up like crazy, but that will probably cool off when the novelty wears off in a few weeks. I just like watching the card reader gobble the card and spit it out again.

What fun!