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Full Version: HP42S - How to dump large blocks of data to IR output?
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Hello, falks!

Is there a way to dump more than one 8-bytes' line to the IR when using the 42S' memory browser? I have been dumping 42's programs listings and tracing to the 48G's IR input, by using 48's INPRT program, so I can use them later as reference hardcopied data, after downloading to a PC. But when I want to delve into the inner secrets of the 42S, just 8 bytes at a time is boring. I would like dumping a block of n bytes form the 42S to the 48's memory. Is there a way or just 8-by-8 bytes ata a time?


Just keep the key pressed. Thanks to the auto-repeat feature of the keyboard, you will be able to transfer whatever block you want through INPRT

Simple solutions seem to be far from a complex approach.

In fact, the auto-repeat feature is really the best solution. Just one more question: I will use a 48G running INPRT to receive the IR code, right? Will the DELAY feature be active in this case? As the 48 does not need time to print the lines out, there is no need for a delay after some lines. I will start doing it later this weekend, but if you have an answer already, I won't take time for testing.

Thanks again for your good suggestion.

Hi J-F,

I read somewhere in the archives that you intended to write an HP-42S emulator. Any news?

Best regards.

No, still no Emu42 ...

I dumped the ROM to my PC via the HP48, and took a look into the ROM code. I found a few RPL entries, but I lack a lot of information about the HP42S hardware, and I also lack time ..., so the project is in standby.