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Full Version: Which HP Calculator(s) did Steve Wozniak work on?
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After just reading Steve Wozniaks new auto-biography "iWoz", in which he talks a bit about this time at HP, I got to wondering what actual model(s) he worked on, and what he actually did with regards to the design. He doesn't go into much detail other than that he worked in the calculator division designing stuff.
Anyone know any details?
BTW, the book is a great read, HP fans should enjoy it.


The memories-section of this site contains an article about someone working with the two Steve's. I think it was the HP-45 that was mentioned in the memory.


I read iWoz and found it a great disappointment. The book is badly edited and structured.

Steve seems to repeat the same thing in a slightly different way in consecutive sentences, and the first third of the book concerns itself with Steve bragging about his high school science projects. Great, but not what I expected.

If you are interested in the HP and Apple relevant history, there is about 50 pages worth reading.

He mentions the HP-35 in his discussion of the Mach Number challenge at www.woz.org/letters/general/57.html but does not specifically say that he used the HP-35.