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Full Version: Re: HP 14B -- I'm not the seller, but looks great!
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I paid a little more for mine--no box, manual, or case, and shipping from the UK made it less than a bargain. I rarely use it, but it is in great shape and I am glad to have one for the sheer collector value of it. I think the winning bidder got a good deal.


I was amazed to see several HP 14Bs on sale when I listed mine -- they almost never appear on eBay except for new-in-the-box form. And then, it's usually bid up to the $100-$150 range. But in the past few days, one (with manual and in nice condition) sold for $26, and this Anniversary version for almost $83.00.

I personally think the 14B is about as rare as the 21S, 22S, and 27S. I just don't see them very often.