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Full Version: HP 41C/CV/CX wand 82153A paper keyboard and scanning method
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Lots of discussion regarding the 41C wand. (esp. Les) I found this works:

1. Scan 300 dpi color TIFF images

2. Convert to B/W LINEART TIFF using graphics program.

3. Print to Adobe PDF (with compression OFF!)

4. Print to paper using std laser printer on AUTO resolution setting.

Here is a paper keyboard made in this manner:

I tested the output by reading back some numbers and commands..100% passed within 2 two wand reads.

I have similar experience, but get checksum errors galore with the bar for ENTER--a pretty important command. May some crud got printed into the bar from my printer.

I am finding that just typing up the listings and doing the conversions is about the most headache free option for me so far. As of a half hour ago I have created RAW and PostScript barcode files of 4 of the 9 programs in the High Level Math Book. The RAW files work well in Free42 and V41, and the barcode scans beautifully into both of my calculators. If anyone wants any of these files I can email them to you in a jiffy. They are very small.

I think trying to create clear, readable scans from the original barcode is a worthy endeavour, but for me just typing things up and making my own is a lot less hassle. I still have to type up the program and debug my work, of course, but it still is a lot faster than entering the keystrokes directly into the calculator.


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I just scanned the paper keyboard that came with the wand and it works fine. No problem at all. I scanned at 600dpi gray scale into photoshop and then save as pdf. I made a little bit of adjustment using the level feature of photoshop.