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Full Version: OpenRPN?
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So, did anything ever come of OpenRPN? I haven't heard anything about it in a while.


The reason you didn't get any response might be that people are tired of arguing about whether they'll ever see a product or not. It doesn't matter though. I think it's like our customers who take ten years to build a kit airplane in their garage. They have outside jobs and work on it when they can and feel like it. They have no investors to be obligated to, and have not taken advances from any customers. I myself have taken many years for some projects, but some forumites are sure that if you don't complete it in a few months, you never will.

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It's been a lot more than a few months. Several years now.

It's not so much the timeframe, rather their website ( http://openrpn.org) is pointing at an empty folder. In addition the sourceforge pages show no activity. I was just curious if the developers were taking a break or has the project been cancelled.

Is there a difference?

I think that after they got their ideas together and got off to a start, outside contact, whether trying to be helpful or condemning, was just taking time away from the project.

Well, their database got attacked repeatedly. And they were vilified publicly by some people here. And it is a private labor, not a company.

Frankly I'm amazed and impressed that they kept it public as long as they did. Just from watching the tribulations they went through, I found myself thoroughly disgusted not wth openRPN, but with the hostile attitude of some naysayers. And we know that the attacking of the database wasn't done from some random cracker--it was probably someone who personally knew of the project and decided to be a criminal in his hatred and envy.

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As one of the software developers who has committed code to the OpenRPN repository, I don't consider the project dead and gone. I'm not working on it at the moment and have not for the past few months but I don't see this as a permanent condition.

- Pauli