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Full Version: enter 100 on the 50g
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if i enter 100 on the 50g fast (the double zero) it comes out at 10, even if i press the keys hard. in fact, any double digit entry suffers the same problem. anyone else have this?


Check your keytime settings. If you key it in too fast, it won't be recognized unless you change the value.

Same type of settings for key repeat and mouse clicks in windows.


i didn't know about this. i changed it to 512 and it's a lot better.
i was using the calculator today for some simple adding and just about every calculation was going wrong unless i watched it slowly.

mine was set to 1135 by default.

Yes, a setting of 512 gives you 512/8192, or .0625, second "debounce" time, that is, the amount of time that another press of the same key will be ignored for. The default of 1135, or about .1385 second debounce time, seems too high for many users. On the other hand, the KEYTIME value was ignored in some 49g+ ROM revisions, and there were lots of reports of doubled keystrokes, so they brought it back in later revisions, and I think that it helped. Of course the "best" value depends on how fast a particular user can do an intentional repeat press of a key, and on whether he's having trouble with doubled keystrokes on a particular calculator.


Edited: 4 Jan 2007, 7:22 p.m.

My 50G seems to not have this problem, I cant even try to get the numbers to double.