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Full Version: HP9800E update release 0.22
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There is a new release 0.22 of the HP9800 emulator available from

This release comprises several bug fixes, performance and functional improvents.

Feedback and comments are welcome.


Wonderful! Keep up the fantastic work!!!


Of course I'll do. Thank you for your appreciation. There is already a new project planned: an emulator for the HP98x5 series (9825/35/45).


Excellent work! Congratulations! Not only it works very well but is also looks great. Well done ...

Best regards and keep a good work ...

Very impressive! And a great way to play again with this generation of computers.

Any chance to see a 9825/35/45 version? The CPU software model is almost the same, I guess.

The HP9835/9845 were one of my first (professional) machines, I was very impressed by the HP Basic compared to the quite limited Basic of personal machines of the time.


Yes an emulator for the 98x5 is planned but may take several months of development. The assembly instrcutions are indeed quite similar but the memory addressing and IO structure is quite different and even more complex than in the 98x0. Implementation of the IO took the most time of the project (over 70%, I guess) and was quite hard.