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Full Version: Do you think a NASA sticker adds value
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Do you think a NASA sticker adds value to an HP-35, in well used condition, to the point of making it worth $500? I think not! It is well used with broken latches and permanent stickers attached.

How about you?

Here is an HP-35, with a NASA sticker

Quite below average if you ask me and likely not even worth $100. How much value (historic value) does a NASA sticker add. The seller belives it is of historic value and is worth $500. How say you?

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How much value (historic value) does a NASA sticker add

Not really much to a nice unit (some bucks if the sticker is in good shape, too), almost nothing to this one. I believe it's the fourth or fifth time that I see it listed... seems that it doesn't attract so many buyers.


No, not just the sticker. For me, the calculator would have additional value it could be shown to have been used by a high-profile person on a high-profile program. This would be very hard to do. Just the fact that it has a property sticker because is was used by a trainee at NASA, has no value to me.

I don't think it adds any value. By the time NASA declared it surplus, it was likely to have been old and in poor condition.

Does anyone have any hints on how to remove property tags with a minimum of fuss and damage? I have a surplus HP 9825B that has several old property tags on it. I'd like to remove them if it can be done with minimal damage to the calculator's case.

Well, of course, given that all other things are equal. A beat-up, non-working 35 used by astronaut John Glenn would be worth more to me than a beat-up, non-working 35 used by NASA trainee John Smith who went on to become a librarian's assistant at Cooperidge middle school.

I don't know, Ron. I hear Smith is a pretty cool guy.

The typical NASA engineer or scientist paid for his slide rule or calculator out of his own pocket. It was his personal property and didn't have a NASA property tag.

The property tag doesn't say who used it. It just has a serial number. I don't know how long property records are kept for excessed equipment. The person who signed for the equipment is not necessarily the person, or persons, that used the equipment.

Last time was in August with a BIN of $700!!!
as spotted by Gileno.

If you follow the relisted links you will find 5 different auctions with decreasing BIN.


And the highest bid is only $32!!

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