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Full Version: Interesting item on eBay (I AM NOT SELLER)
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This person came up with a way to cheat on calculator rules...

TI-89 in a TI-83 Plus's clothing!

Any warranty offered?

I emailed him, asking if I could pay with $100 bills I made from $1 bills.

This is advertised as a way to cheat on exams. I wonder what eBay rule(s) that violates?


Edited: 26 Dec 2006, 1:17 p.m.

Actually, I do not think it violates any ebay rules. Things like this will just add to the burden of being a teacher I guess. Students risk an automatic F though by doing something like this.

My comment to him was: "So basically, you cheated your way through school?"

"This is advertised as a way to cheat on exams."

At the community college where I taught, the biology and chemistry exams were done with school-supplied TI-30s (which were plenty adequate), for reasons like this, I guess. I can see the engineer testers using this as an example of why they have to supply the (limited range of) calculators.

If the students would spend as much time studying as trying to figure out how to bend the system, they would do just as well!

Well still, are guys like this that get to do the great things we see around ... not the average studious student that somewhere in the process always looses the ability to innovate and just sticks to the system instead of trying to break it ... those ones get to be employees of the guy that does this kind of nifty stuff, they can earn a big enough salary, but no one will remember them in 100 years.