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Full Version: unusual HP 41CX - photos & questions
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I acquired a bunch of HP 41 calculators at an estate sale. The case of one states that it's an HP 41CX, but the insides are very odd. It doesn't match what I've seen for other 41CX, nor any other 41C types.

It was probably previously owned by an HP developer or extreme hobbyist. Lots of other stuff in the lot, including an IL DEV module and many parts. Does anyone have any idea about this item. I can forward additional photos or additional information about the lot if anyone's interested.

flickr photos of calculator

To me it looks like a standard halfnut HP41CX. What's unusual about it?

Yes i'd like to know what is in the dev module, Thanks


This small pcb is the time and X-Functions module for 41CX. You can add it to another 41CV half-nutt and the time functions will work. With some synthetic code, you will be able to access the X-Functions too, I believe!

Good luck with your new toys!