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Full Version: HP 12C Simple Question on Display
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I have a HP 12C with no manual. How do you change the display from a comma to a decimal point? Also it displays a "c" in the bottom right corner. What is this for? How do you get out of "c" mode? Thanks for any help.


To change the ´comma´, make sure the calculator is switched to off, press (.) key and maintain, switch the calculator ON. This operation changes dot to comma and vice-versa. The single "c" on the corner of the display means that singular period (less than 30 days initial period) is to be considered on financial calculations. It does not affect any calculus other than financial with full periods. For changing it, press (STO) (ENTER) with the calculator ON. (STO) (ENTER) will swap the "c" sign ON and OFF.
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The key sequence to swap "c" on and off is (STO) (EEX), not (STO) (ENTER) as previously mentioned.