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Full Version: HP-48GX as a remote control
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has anyone here heard about a program running on an HP-48G(X) which can turn it into a remote control ? As someone told me, by this way, the calculator can store the signal emitted by the remote control of any device and send it via the IR port.

Just for the fun, I'd be happy to test it once. The solution under my Christmas Tree next days ?

Cheers from France, and thank you in advance.

The solution under my Christmas Tree next days ?

No need to wait this long :-)

I tried this some years ago. It worked fine. Lots of sets in the database, newer devices not included though (but there is a learning mode).



Gerson (Brazil)

Edited: 13 Dec 2006, 4:25 p.m.

Obrigado Gerson,

I know hpcalc.org, but it's so big that I haven't found this program yet !
The problem is (I just forgot to tell you) I haven't the PC-to-HP48 cable... And as it appears, the program seems to be very long to copy, if anyone is kind enough to write it there !
I'm trying to find a cable on eBay at a correct price (not much than 20/25 USD), but that's not so easy !
I also know that it's possible to make it myself, but if it's easy to find the plug you connect to the PC, where can I find the one to connect to the HP-48 ? Is it something one can buy in electronic department stores ?

Thank you again for the one who answers.


you can make your own cable , there are several webs talking about how to...

it 's very easy.

Pas de quoi, Jean-Michel!

I have the original cable but I once built one myself. At page 27-7 of the User's Guide there is a schematic diagram. Then I found a matching connector in an old HDD or floppy drive (I don't remember). You can use the cable and serial 9-pin connector of an old serial mouse.

Bonne chance!


I built mine out of a serial port connection, and a cd drive connector and cable. Cost me about $3.00, not including my soldering time.

I'm sure you could do it cheaper and better than I did.

See http://www.faqs.org/faqs/hp/hp48-faq/part3/ and do a search for serial cable.

Good luck!

I made mine from an old 9-pin serial Logitech mouse (IIRC, it was a two-button, but it might have been a one-button; not a three-button.) On the other end of the cable from the D-9 was the mating connector for the HP. I had to gently pry two of the metal inserts out of the little connector, and then re-insert them, swapping their locations. The hard part was getting the mouse body open. I'm sure the HP FAQ covers this.