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Full Version: HP48S doesn't awake
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Hi all, I have an HP48S hibernating here and wanted to reactivate it. So I put in 3 brand new batteries and pressed ON - and nothing happened :-( I tried all the combined keystrokes of Appendix A of the Owner's Handbook, no reaction :-(( Removed the batteries and inserted them again, still nothing but - for whatever reason - the "busy" annunciator shows up and stays on. So at least some Volts seem to have reached the LCD. Does any of the experts here have an idea how to bring that calc back to work?

Aou can try the ON-A-F keystroke before that to see if that brings the calculator back to life.

If that does not work, turn the calculator over and remove the upper right rubber foot. There is a hole underneath it. Insert a paperclip or pin through the hole to trigger the hard reset.


Thanks, Eric, I forgot that hole :-)

However, after hard reset and pressing ON, the LCD turns black for a fraction of a second, returning then to the state as if switched off. ON-A-F does not show any effect. Further ideas?

Edited: 11 Dec 2006, 8:44 p.m.

It's winter time, may be it will wake up in the spring?

Oh yeah, how could I ever disregard this ;-) Dia, thanks for your help. But didn't I write something of hibernating already? Looking forward to further helpful ideas :-)