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Full Version: HP-49g+ and bad keys
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I have a HP-49g+ with the red key (the right or left shift? I don't recall) that at one pressure behaves like two pressures have been applied (that is it activates and then deactivates), and this is annoying, forcing me to look at the annunciator every time.

Besides, the zero key, until now perfect, begins to put an extra 0 after one pressure. It does this one of ten times now, but in the future?

The warranty is still active, and I could operate for a change, but have you got some good advice? I must specify that I have no skills in electronics, and opening a calculator for other than looking at some datecode is scaring, to me. So tell me, please, if there's something *easy* that I can do.


-- Antonio

Use the warranty, you will receive the new Hp-50 with the improved keyboard.

Or you'll receive a re-furbished 49G+ like I did. Only with a bit of forceful complaining did I get a promise to replace this one with a 50G when the current ones keys break.