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Full Version: 42S in good shape in Canada--rats!!!
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This puts a lump in my throat:


Working, looks to be in good cosmetic condition, no bids, auction's ending soon, and present price less than half what I paid for mine a few months ago in less good shape (even though I got manuals and a very nice box!)

Plus, the seller is Canada, so I would avoid duty.

Sometimes this market just seems so fickle and I kick myself for my lack of patience....



... auction's ending soon, and present price less than half what I paid for mine ...

Well, as of now (December 2nd), there is over one day to go, a lot can happen during this time. Remember that the snipers only creep out of their holes during the very last minute!
Anyway I can't really understand the prices that are paid for HP42s in the US and Canada. This calculator is not very old, not very rare, there is nothing special about it (sorry if this statement insults the true enthusiasts :-) , but it only filled the gap between the 41 and the much more sophisticated 48 ), and even within "our" very limited supply on eBay Germany there are always two or three of them to be found at any time with high bids between 100 and 200 Euros (which is still far more than I am willing to pay).

Sometimes this market just seems so fickle and I kick myself for my lack of patience....

Yes, as a collector you either need an unlimited supply of patience or an unlimited supply of money :-) Try what I do: Get yourself another field of interest (a cheap one, like picture postcards!) and whenever you fail to get one of the calculators you are after, conso le yourself by buying an item for your other collection. It really helps!

Greetigs, Max

In Hong Kong, many people find 42s, but they will not pay more than us$160 (approx.HK$1200-1300),but I put it on ebay just one week, close bid over us$200, not include shipping fee.

I disagree 42s was filled the gap between 41series and 48series,
on the side of the calculator, I feel it is the best calculator,the weak point of 42s can not input and output the program by other interface,
on the age of 41 and 48 they are calculator,small computer, controller,data logger,many thing they do outside calculator.

Still no bids!

If I didn't already own a 42s that I paid too much for, and if I already hadn't spent a small fortune this weekend on a 45, 97, and 11C, and probably will nab a 33C, I would snap this up.

At least I am starting to nab some decent deals--better than the soakings I got in my first couple of acquisitions. The karma is balancing out....


Finally, there were two bids. Someone bought it for $CAN 182.51.

Correction : US$ 182.51

Still makes me weep....

Influenced by Thomas Okken's briliant Free42, I just HAD to get a 42s back in May. I ended up paying around $300US (it came with manuals and box), and it isn't in nearly as good shape as the one that sold. I don't care so much about manuals, thanks to our favourite DVD, and the box, though beloved by collectors, is really irrelevant to me.

At least I am learning and made some wiser purchases this weekend--a 33c in excellent shape with manuals for $100, and a 97 that works but needs a printer cleaning for under $200 (unfortunately, cardreader status unknown but I am not expecting much). I splurged on a lovely 45 (around $200), but I didn't mind since it came with manuals and case and has a recently refurbished battery pack, and has the advantage of coming from a Canadian seller so I don't have to fret about duty. Also, it is simply a gorgeous little chunk of electronic nostalgia, even if it has limited capabilities compared to later programmables. Also, Mr. Palmer Hanson helped me dodge a bullet by not bidding on an overpriced TI59 with printer that looks lovely but probably can't be used by me since it is European issue.

I believe there is collector's karma, and I am being compensated for earlier pricey purchases by better "deals" as I get wiser and more patient.