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Full Version: One of the best customer service according to JD Power ? Ya right...
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I had the worst experience today with the HP customer service. A central piece of my laptop crashed 3 weeks ago and the guy on the phone, a non technical supervisor, said to me that the piece is B/O and we have to wait. I bought this HP crap 3 months ago and there is nothing they can do about it.

Furthermore, the guy on the line is anything but an understanding person. He's mean, doesn't listen and refuses to give me an estimate time for the B/O piece to arrive, getting this matter very frustrating. Even more, he laughted at me when i tried to explain why i find it odd how the matter is treated.

It's the worst consumer's experience i ever had and they've just lost me as a customer, that's the least for sure. THANKS FOR NOTHING HP.

... NOT
as this absolutely the wrong forum

Btw. this happens with all vendors. We had several customers wait for 3 months on Apple replacement parts. Annoying, but happens.

again: wrong forum, please delete this thread