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Full Version: Has anyone delt with this HP seller from California; Jim Carter?
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I was wondering if anyone have heard about Jim Carter(Jimeducalc@tio.com) He sells a wide range of HP calculators and acessories. He does not have a web page and I have only contactecd him through e-mail. I would therfore like to know if anyone have delt with this guy before?
Is he a legitimate seller?

This is some of the info in the mail:

Interfab Corporation — HP liquidation
Phone (949) 582-2631
Fax 582-1445
27959 Cabot Road, #J
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677
Email – Jimeducalc@tio.com

Payment Methods
1. Check 3. Visa
2. Master Card 4. American Express

HP 41/71/75 Liquidation July, 2001
Application Pacs
Plug in up to 4 of these pacs for tremendous new power. You’ll have
hundreds of hours of proven programming at your fingertips. They’re all
pre-programmed with every feature the experts could think of. These are
new unless indicated. The “*” symbol after the stock # indicates a low

Calculator Books
#2901 The HP 48G/GX Pocket Guide …………………………….. $3.95

#649 The HP 12C Pocket Guide: Just in Case ……………………..$3.95

#700 Science Student Applications for the HP22S …………………$4.95

#2014 Tips & Programs for the HP-32S …………………………….$7

This is the last chance to get HP 41, 71, 75 and HP IL products. Not
all products may be available; limited to supplies on hand, please call
for availability.

Effective: July, 2001

I just recently bought a few items from Jim. He sells his items at bargain prices and is a great asset to HP collectors.

Jim Carter, A local HP source here in Southern CA, Very reliable, Honest and to the point. Like Erik said, he is an asset to all of us HP users and collectors. I recommend him highly. As a side note to all reading this thead, I encourage all to ask for references on people we deal with in this forum. Personal experience dealing with lots of MoHPC members has been great. THANK YOU ALL !..

He's a good guy with good prices. Quite a lot of his stuff as been resold on ebay for many times Jim's prices.

our comunity would be both smaller and poorer without jim carter. educalc was the only mass market for a lot of software and gave out a lot of free advice along with the hp and third party gear they sold. it's good that you asked so we can all take a turn at agreeing what a great guy he is.

Great guy, even sending all those stuff to Germany, very friendly, very helpful. Has anyone the current list available??


Yes, I've bought from Jim several times. Absolutely honest and reliable, he has been an important part of the HP community for years.