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Full Version: HP-41: Polling for interest in programs
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In order to prioritize my time, I would like to ask the readers of this forum if there is interest in me putting out source and documentation for a few programs:

Backup-system for NoV-32 (or NoVram) - backs up specific extended memory files as well as key assignment and flag settings to Hepax RAM.

Hepax utilities - HSAVEAS (save XM ascii file to Hepax Ram), HSAVED (save data file), HGETAS (retrieve ascii file from Hepax ram), HGETD (get data file), HRESZFL (better resizing of Hepax ram ascii files than the program given in the Hepax manual).

Timer - gives a beep every part of an hour (every 10 minutes, every 15 minutes or every half hour etc.)

Hours - hour registration system. Log hours worked for various projects (far better than the TR program in the HP-41 manuals)

-> Geir :)

Hi, Geir;

My thoughs: it is always good to have information about the HP41. If you are offering your own material and related documentation, I'd gladly ask for access to it, no doubts about. I took some time reading MCODE for Beginners, and I actually loaded many of the functions writen by its author, and I actually tried some modifications. I must confess it's been oustandingly funny and teasing, must get back to these experiments in this next vancancy time (along with other priorities).

So, I tell you I am interested not only in having access to the functions you created, instead to the documentation, too. In time: do you describe the mcode too or only how to use the functions? I mean, something like Àngel Martin's documentation, or Ken Emery's ? Just a question...

Thanks for sharing.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 17 Nov 2006, 9:52 p.m.

Hi Gier,

I am interested in the programs and documentation that you intend to share with the HP41 community.


Sounds like interesting programs. I'd certainly like to see them and I'm sure others would.


Hello, Geir --

My interest remains in further improvements for the "SKY" program originally developed by Tom Sherman and modified by you. I use this program on a frequent basis...



-- KS