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Full Version: HP-50g. Cant' create directory on SD-card?
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A "beep" is all I get when I try to create a directory (FILES > 3:SD > NEW) on the SD-card (Kingston 512 MB elite pro).
I have used the build-in FORMAT function ("FILES>FORMA"), so the file format (FAT?)should be ok.
Is there solution to this problem?

Bent Rosnes


Page 5 contains instructions on storing an object into a directory. If the directory does not already exist, those instructions will create the directory.

Gene, thanks a lot for helping me! But what about changing the working directory (CHDIR) to port 3:SD? It seems like that only works for the Home-directory and its subdirectories.

Bent Rosnes

Working with SD cards and directories on them is really only minimally supported.

The filer does not do some things with SD cards and directories that it might could do.

So, essentially, what is in that PDF is the supported way of working with SD cards. That's what you've got, for good or bad.