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Full Version: 17BII erases SOLVE menu everytime I change batteries, and itself sometimes.
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Hi all, Sorry if there is a related topic previously dissussed but I could not find mine in the archives, and I am writing after a long search.

17BII Business, is my favorite and I've been using it more than 15 years. I also love to write my own formulas in SOLVE menu. Once I had written around 30 formulas related with banking, complex forward rate calculations, bond pricings etc. (This my 4th HP17BII btw)

But the acute problem with this baby is; almost each of them erased formulas almost whenever I changed the batteries. Ok, I know there is a time limit and believe me I am doing it fast. It restarts itself and ask for all settings and the formulas are gone. Terrible..

Nowadays, even though the batteries are new, it started to restart itself again, in the drawer. I lost all my formulas again.

Can this be related with the batteries I use? But i follow the specs well?

Help me please, what can I do? I can't live without it.. and Solve menu is important for me...

Thanks in advance, Mutlu

Ok, I know there is a time limit and believe me I am doing it fast.

Perhaps this is the problem. When trying to replace the batteries as fast as possible you may short the battery terminals together when the first (or the second) battery drops inside the battery compartment. To avoid this you should keep the calculator inclined (30 to 45 degrees) when changing the batteries, and start by the battery next to the negative terminal. So, when placing the second battery it will not fall and connect the first battery to the positive terminal, which might clear the memory. Then insert the third battery. You may also want to take the chance to develop your own technique before keying in your formulas again.



Edited: 17 Nov 2006, 9:22 p.m.

Great. Thanks. I will give a try.