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I have downloaded and learned to appreciate the bar-code excel module. There is one little disadvantage to it, I don't know how to generate the text files respectively the file with the <*.raw> ending. In order to copy my own files and make the equivalent bar-code available I like to ask anybody to give me a clue how to do this. Thank you in advance for your help.
brgds Stephan

I am not sure what exactly you are asking. A .raw file is a binary file that simply contains the bytes of an HP41 user language program, essentially as they'd be stored on disk or tape by that machine. It's very similar to how the program is stored in the HP41's program memory.
Are you asking : (a) how to make a .raw file from the listing of an HP41 program (this needs a 'user code compiler' -- I believe there is one for MS-DOS), or (b)
how to make a listing from a .raw file (this uses a 'user code decompiler', again I believe there's one for MS-DOS and there's certainly one for linux),
or (c) how to get a .raw file of a program in the HP41 (store it on disk and read the disk on a PC using some kind of LIF disk Utilities, or transfer the program to the PC using the OUTP function in the extended I/O module, a serial interface, and
some kind of de-hexifying program on the PC (there is one for linux, again)), or (d) something else entirely.


If you're looking for a DOS utility which will convert programs between .raw and .lif and .txt and .p41 and .bin formats (a user code compiler/de-compiler as Tony spoke of), go to Warren Furlow's wonderful site and download both the
dos compiler/decompiler (hp41uz.zip) and the Windows GUI (if you want an easy "front-end" for the compiler/decompiler).
The links for both are:


To use the GUI, hp41uc.exe in the same directory as win41uc.exe, because the GUI front-end uses that DOS program to do the actual compilation/de-compilation.

Consider ordering Warren's CD: It's GREAT!

Hope this helps!

p.s. If you need the LIFUTIL, that's also at Warren's site:

Dear Tony, dear Mike.
Thank you very much indeed for your help. I am sorry if I had expressed myself unclear in some or the other way. Actually I found both of your answeres helpful.
To use your words: I was looking for a front-end solution to writhe programs in an editor (Windows 98/2000) or to convert programs, which I have writhen myself and are only stored in the HP-memory, into binary (*.raw) files. since the excel sheet which I have downloaded from the HP-Museum site converts files with the raw-extension into printable bar-code-readable pages. I will try your solutions and will keep you informed about my progress. Thanks again to you guys from Switzerland.

Dear Tony, dear Mike. Thank you so much for your help. After a few mislead attempts I finally found the way to run the programs both of you recommended. Unfortunately I am not very much into programming so sometimes I have a hard time to find my way through this "jungle". (Afterwards it looks easy most of the time). So thanks again and read you next time. Sincerely yours Stephan.