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Full Version: diagnostic program for hp67/97
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I would know if the diagnostic program (magnetic card) for HP 67 can be used for the hp 97
THanks in advance
best regards

I don't have an HP-97. I do have a manual for the HP-97. Section 15 entitled "The HP-67 and HP-97: Interchangeable Software" states very explicitly on pages 271 and 275/276 that

"... software ... ... is completely interchangeable between these two Hewlett-Packard calculator models -- any programs that have been recorded onto a card using the HP-97 can be loaded into and run on the HP-67, and vice versa. ..."

Good luck!

For what it's worth, I've never gotten the diagnostic program to run as advertized in the standard pac manual, and I've tried two different cards. Seems like I keyed the program in manually once and it still didn't run right. The 67 I was running it on works fine though, so it's not a great concern. Maybe somebody has some input on this issue.

Best regards, Hal

Yes, you can use it (like the others stated). Moreover, the HP-97 service manual on the DVD has the listings for some more diagnostic cards, that do even more tests.

I had not tested my HP-67 with the diagnostic. I did it today and got the results defined on page 15-01 of the HP-67 Standard Pac manual. Actually, I didn't get the correct results until I remembered to load both sides of the card. It's been a long, long time ...

Hal Bitton wrote:

> For what it's worth, I've never gotten the diagnostic program to
> run as advertized in the standard pac manual, and I've tried two
> different cards.

It may be that the card(s) you used contained different versions of the diagnostic than the one described in the manual.

I recall that there were 3 versions of the SD-15 card (SD-15A, B and C). I think the C produced different output than the previous two, but its been a really really long time.


Thanks Vassilis,

That is indeed the case. My cards are both SD-15A, and my standard pac manual is for the SD-15C program. The sad part is, this information was right there in front of my eyes the whole time :^( .... 8^) .

If I find myself at loose ends sometime, I'll key in the C version and see how it runs.

Best regards, Hal

My diagnostic card is an SD-15A which matches my manual.

Did the instructions change for SD-15B or S-15C? I don't know. The instructions for the SD-15A are simple:

1. Load sides 1 and 2.

2. Press A.

3. The calculator should pause displaying -7.777777770 -77

If it doesn't there is a malfunction in the card reader, program storage, program control, digit entry, the registers of the operational stack, the x<>y function, the Roll up function, the pause command or the display.

4. After the one second pause the calculator should run for about 50 seconds and pause to display the following values in order:

1. 07

10.000 06

1.0000 07


If the calculator stops before displaying these values the number in the display indicates one of 53 error codes.

If you suspect that you somehow have bad cards let me know and I will send one to you.

Palmer O. Hanson, Jr. wrote:

> Did the instructions change for SD-15B or S-15C?

Not sure about the SD-15B, but the SD-15C instructions are different:

You press A to start the program and after approx. 2 seconds the calculator pauses displaying

Then the calculator continues for about 1.5 minutes and finally prints the three lines below:

The above is from the HP-97 std pack, for the HP-67 the print
instructions are essentially longer pauses.


Do the different diagnostics test different functions, or do they only do more testing of the same functions?