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Full Version: 71b self test
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Please, how do I self test the 71b?
And find what version it is.
I'm not a collector,
don't have the manual,
don't want to buy the manual,
just want to test it before I sell it
to someone who will appreciate it.

I ran the ROM tests
Found that on an obscure military security site about the BUCS
military system.

Quite a lot of self tests, including the 71 are documented here:
http://www.rskey.org/~mwsebastian/selftest/hp_test.htm#hp71b and the version should be displayed using the VER$ command.

I haven't tried this as I finally just bought a reasonably cheap hp71 from ebay and will only receive it in a couple of weeks. Now I need to find a MATH ROM module... an Assembler module would be good but they are not that common.

Anyone knows a god assembler for the 71. I am ready to enter HEX strings.

Arnaud back to read on the 71


Your link only shows a ROM test.
I was hoping for a more extensive self test.
Like the one on the HP-12C.
Is there such a built-in self test,
or does one just test by running various
simple BASIC programs?