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Full Version: HP Portable plus
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Someone knows the function of a 3 pin jumper (J11) located in the battery compartment of an HP Portable Plus? And the J10 connector (8 pin)?

I would be grateful if someone has the schematic of the HP Portable plus.

Hi Gonzalo,

I think that the 3-pin connector is used to disconnect the battery, during long non operating periods, but I may be wrong.

But I'm quite sure that the 8-pin connector is used to connect an external video interface.


correct me if I'm wrong, but the question you're asking is related to the portable that you bought from me and just received on the 13th of October, right ?
You complained to me that you could not run it from a battery and accused me of not stating this problem in the auction (see item 180032071955). I did mention on the auction that the portable had no battery and that you could run it on the AC adapter. I could not test it with a battery as I don't have a working one. Could it be that the problem comes from this J11 jumper which disconnects the battery ?
You mentioned 2 other cosmetic problems (3 missing screws and a missing plastic piece around the screen) all which I did admit that I didn't chek carefully enough to notice them. I therefore offered to take the item back and give you a full refund (including shipping) but you refused and gave me a negative feedback !! What more could I do ?

In my post I asked about the schematic of the Portable Plus. I already connected a battery in the two big connectors, without touching the J11 connector (because I do not know the function of this connector), but the portable doesn´t power on. Also, I already let you know that the fuse is replaced with a piece of solid wire. I replaced it with a picofuse of 1A and it blows, so something is wrong with the battery charger, hence I require the schematic to see if I can repair.

I confirm that J11 is used to disconnect the battery.

I hope it helps


Thanks for the schematic, but I have checked with a multimeter and there is no voltage in VBAT terminal. Can the zener or the transistor be broken?

If the Portable can be run from the external supply, then the charger must be OK because it supplies the Portable as well, and you should see the voltage on the battery terminals . Check again J11, a jumper must be installed in the left position, and the fuse. If there is still no voltage on the battery terminals, check the tracks on the PCB.