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Full Version: hp 48 zippered cases
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I have 3 of these, a brown with a G and 2 gray with SX's. One case has a full size clear plastic insert about 1/8 inch thick with 1 1/2 inch of velcro? at one end. Is this an added feature? or are the other 2 cases just lacking? What is it's purpose?

Charlie O. in Phoenix

That would be called a crash guard. Stops most screen breakage, so long as you insert the calculator with the screen facing the velcro padding stuck to the plate.

Did all 48's come with this shield or was it an option?

I'm not aware of any that came with this included; as far as I know, they always were third-party accessories, not anything "official" from HP. I bought similar shields from CalcPro for all my 48GX calculators a few years ago.