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Full Version: How can I set checkboxes before a dialog comes up?
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Specifically, it drives me crazy that every time I want to get some basic descriptive stats such as mean and standard deviation, I have to go that page, move to each checkbox and check it.

Is there a way to "preset" those checkboxes? Individually would be great, but if I can preset them all to "checked", that's great too. It's annoying as heck that the calc doesn't remember the last setting, or allow me to set defaults.

I'm open to any method, including calling it from a program (user or sys), hacks, whatever.

Anyone? Class?


Edited: 11 Oct 2006, 11:58 p.m.


I've no idea how to preset the checkboxes in the STAT screen on the 49g+ but you can still use the old style soft menues (I found the info in the menu number table in the Advanced User's Reference):

96 MENU takes you to the top level STATS menu, 100 MENU takes you directly to the one-variable statistics. You can still use the STAT screen to setup the values und parameters. Add the command to your custom menu for convenience.