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Full Version: Series 80 - PRM-85 update
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Dear All,

PRM-85 is a clone of the Series 80 Programmable ROM Module, which allows either copies of HP ROMs or user programs to be loaded as EPROMS and run. Typically this is to provide access to newer disk HP- drives or to run the Series 80 Assembler.

The Summer 2006 batch of PRM-85 boards made by Bill Kotaska has now been despatched, and there are about 15 new users around the world now able to expand the capabilities of their HP-85, HP-86 or HP-87 systems.

I am now taking names of anyone still interested in buying a PRM-85 for their system (I already have one owner who wants a second board). There was a wait of about 9 months between the first and second batches, so if Bill is able and there is sufficent demand I expect the next batch to be produced in mid-2007.

Thanks to everyone for their interest in this board, and of course thanks to Bill for designing and 'manufacturing' the board - it looks excellent, same quality as a professional piece of hardware.

PRM-85 homepage: