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Trek for the HP-42S

By Richard Garner

Trek is a Star Trek game for the HP-42S.  It contains a 2D and 3D version that can be played by 1 or 2 players. 



The playing field is either a square 100x100 in size or a cube 100x100x100 in size.  The program will randomly select a main Star Trek ship. Enterprise, Enterprise A - E, Voyager, or Defiant.  It will then randomly select from about 16 enemies. 

In the 1 player games the calculator will randomly generate the coordinates of the enemy ship and you enter in coordinates to fire at. The closer the readout is to Zero the closer you are to destroying that ship. In the 2 player game that calculator stops and requests each player to enter the coordinates of their ship before the game starts. To enter coordinates, load the stack with your numbers. Enter the X then the Y then Z assuming the 3D game is chosen, then press R/S. To fire at your enemy do the same. Enter the X then the Y then the Z coordinates you wish to fire upon and press R/S. The number that is returned to the screen will indicate how close you are tohitting your target. The closer to Zero the number is the closer you are to destroying them.

Binary files for emulators:
Raw binary: trek.raw  Binary for HP-42X: trek.42x  State-file for Emu42 (ROM Rev C.): trek.e42

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