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ST-TR for the HP-42S

By Ton van de Burgt

Star to Triangle and Triangle to Star conversion


Fill-in the known value’s

R1, R2 and R3 when the know value’s are in star, R12, R23, R13 when the know value’s are in triangle.

Press [R/S]

Press "ST-> T" for Star to Triangle conversion

Press "TR-> S" for Triangle to Star conversion



R1=10, R2=20, R3=30

Start to Triangle; Press [ST-> T]

Press [R/S]

Press [R/S]

And the program is ready for another calculation.

Also you can recall or view the calculated values by pressing [RCL] or [Shift] a menu variable.


Binary files for emulators:
Raw binary: st-tr.raw  Binary for HP-42X: st-tr.42x (HP-48) st-tr49.42x (HP-49)

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