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Contribute your best HP-42S programs!

The aim of this website is to build up a library of high quality HP-42S RPN programs, both as listings and binaries, for use on the real HP-42S as well as on the two HP-42S emulators.Your contribution would therefore be highly appreciated! Especially welcome are those programs that you always keep stored in calculator memory, programs that you actually would never like to be without...

Program ideas

Ideas for interesting programs could be:
But don't be restricted by these few examples, look upon them only as a starting point for your imagination...

Submission formats in order of preference
The more well-documented your contribution is (e.g. short usage description, examples, technincal notes etc.) the more likely it is that it will be published. Also, do not forget to specify whether you want to be anonymous, mentiond by name only or by name + email address.

Post your contributions here

Please send your contributions to the email address found on the contact page