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Emu42 for Pocket PC now supports VGA resolution!

Thursday 31st of March 2005

Yesterday Christoph Giesselink released the new version 1.02 of Emu42 for Pocket PC with the following updates

- solved problems with "Topbar 0" on WM 2003 devices
- speed improvement
- added VGA support (Background section, "Vga 1")
- added Zoom factors 3 and 4
- added RLE4 and RLE8 compressed bitmap support

The new zoom factors together with VGA support opens up for KMLs with much higher resolution on Pocket PCs with VGA resolution. Key legends are now clearly readable and the LCD can have a much more realistic aspect ratio. The difference is dramatic, having once used Emu42 on a Pocket PC with VGA resolution the lower resolution feels very blocky. Below you can see a side by side comparison of the two different resolutions, judge for yourself!

VGA bitmaps are of course larger in size than QVGA bitmaps, but thanks to the support for bmp-files with RLE compression the size of a compressed VGA bitmap is roughly of the same size as a QVGA bitmap that is RGB encoded.