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Realistic TrueType fonts (TTF) of the HP-42S LCD and the HP-82240 IR-printer fonts 

By Luiz C. Vieira (Brazil)

Download here: (Updated zip file, also with instructions and fonts for other HP calcs:

This is a set of realistic TTF-fonts that mimics the look of the HP-42S LCD and the output created by the HP-82240 IR-printer. They are especially created for listings grabbed from a HP-42S using the INPRT program running on a HP-48. As shown by the example below, this allows for beautifully rendered high-resolution listings that are ideal for printing.

Note: As the characters are remapped when printed to the IR-printers the character codes in these fonts are slightly different compared to their internal representation inside the HP-42S. However, conversion between the two should be trivial.

The following fonts are included in the zip-file:
An example of the HP42SCharSet 3 font

Last updated 2004-10-20